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Aldgate Tower

Offices, constructed 2006-2014, designed by Wilkinson Eyre Architects with One Arup & Partners International Ltd

Maersk House

1974 as Beagle House, R. Seifert and Partners, architects, demolished 2017-18

1 King's Arms Court

2007-9, housing association flats


2005-7, Salvation Army Lifehouse, a women's hostel, replacing a predecessor of 1977-9 on this site and others on earlier sites nearby

hostel Salvation Army

29 Whitechapel Road

1891, built by and for Mark Levy as tailoring premises above and behind a draper's shop

1 Whitechapel Road (including 2-8 Osborn Street)

1957-8, former clothing factory with restaurant

2 Whitechapel Road with 40 Adler Street

1957-60, originally offices for Buck & Hickman

Buck & Hickman

10 Whitechapel Road

shophouse with origins c.1770, refronted around 1998

Buck & Hickman

16-18 Whitechapel Road

1938-9, factory for Buck & Hickman Ltd, toolmakers

Buck & Hickman Rhythm Factory Killby & Gayford Ltd

Whitechapel Technology Centre (East London Works)

1980-1, training centre with shops, altered c.1989 and 2015 and adapted for office use. Site of Black Lion Yard

Fresh, 29 Commercial Road

1901-2, shophouse

Herbert O. Ellis Solomon Kirstein

St Boniface German Church, 47 Adler Street

1959-60, Roman Catholic church

Catholic Church Germans

74 Whitechapel High Street

1828-9 shop house, now a restaurant, upper floors converted to studio flats 2001

75 Whitechapel High Street

?early 19th-century shop house, upper floors now used for storage.

76 Whitechapel High Street

1845 shop house, upper floors formerly residential, now storage

83 Whitechapel High Street

1957. café with offices (converted to flats 2007-08) over

86 Whitechapel High Street

heavily altered early to mid 19th-century shop and office building, currently (2016) a café

88 Whitechapel High Street

early 19th-century shop and office building, with entryway to Gunthorpe Street and decorative features from occupancy by Jewish Post 1935

90 Whitechapel High Street

1910-11 shop and offices, sometime site of Blooms restaurant, on site of entrance to Inkhorn Court

72 Middlesex Street, London E1 7EZ

1880s painted stock brick shop with storage and residential over

58-60 Middlesex Street, London E1 7EZ

1989-90 built shop and office building, upper floors converted to residential 2006

52 Middlesex Street, London E1 7EZ

1880s stock brick corner shop with residential over

46 Middlesex Street

1880s shop and former warehouse, upper parts of 46 and 48 converted in 2010 to six flats as The Lofthouse, 48a Middlesex Street

48 and 48a Middlesex Street

1880s shop and former warehouse, upper parts of 46 and 48 converted in 2010 to six flats as The Lofthouse, 48a Middlesex Street

44 Middlesex Street

1880s shop and former warehouse, upper parts converted to residential

38 Middlesex Street

1880s shop and former warehouse

The Relay Building, 1 Commercial Street

2008 and 2012-14, 23-storey offices, flats, shops and entrance to Aldgate East station. Entrance to social housing in Tyne Street

Calcutta House annexe, Old Castle Street

1932 former Brooke Bond welfare building, later part of London Metropolitan University

Arcadia Court, formerly 90 to 222 Wentworth Dwellings

1886 block of flats with shops at 30 to 50 Wentworth Street and 36 to 48 Goulston Street to ground floor

Universal House

1892-3 as Wildermuth House, a model lodging house, east part rebuilt in 1965-6

Gustav Wildermuth

17 Osborn Street

1949, single-storey showroom and workshop, formerly a monumental masons, StolenSpace street-art gallery since 2013

102 to 105 Whitechapel High Street and 2 Commercial Street

1909-10 rebuilding of part of T. Venables & Son drapers and furnishers

101 Whitechapel High Street

1960 office building and former bank, on site of Tewkesbury Buildings

92-3 Whitechapel High Street

1861 shophouses, now one building, upper floors converted to flats 2001 and extra floor added

84 Whitechapel High Street

c. 1957 shop (now takeaway) and office building, incorporating access to Angel Alley, upper floors converted to flats 2000-1

Whitechapel Gallery, 77–82 Whitechapel High Street

1898–1901 art gallery extended 1985 and 2009 when neighbouring library incorporated

3 Osborn Street

c.1830 as the Russell Coffee House, partially rebuilt 1847, upper floors converted to maisonette 1999

5 Osborn Street

1848-9 shophouse

7 Osborn Street

1848-9 shophouse, reduced to two storeys after war damage

9-13 Osborn Street

1951 light industrial building used as recording studio (Sarm) and offices

3 Gunthorpe Street

1997 workshop building with 1899-1900 retained street facade of Whitechapel Board of Works refuse destructor building

Whitechapel Gallery, former Whitechapel Library

2009 extension to Whitechapel Gallery housed in former 1891-2 Passmore Edwards Library. Incorporates entrance to Aldgate East tube station

art gallery

29-33 Osborn Street

1965 shop and office building, since 1984 headquarters of Sonali Bank (UK) Ltd

Calcutta House

Calcutta House, former Brooke Bond tea warehouse, built 1909, later London Metropolitan University

16 to 20 Middlesex Street

1954-5 factory and shop building, demolished 2016

Ladbroke Court, 4 Resolution Plaza

2013-14, flats with shops to ground floor

Islamic Bank of Britain, 97-99 Whitechapel Road

1927-8, built as Commercial Gas Company offices and showrooms

Greatorex Business Centre, 8-10 Greatorex Street

former clothing factory of 1955-6, partially converted in 2011

151 Whitechapel Road

1860-2, end house and only survivor of a thirteen-house terrace developed and designed by John Hudson

Former Jagonari Women's Centre, 183-185 Whitechapel Road

1984-7, Women's Educational Resource Centre, Matrix Feminist Design Co-operative, architects

GLC Jagonari nursery Matrix

6 Durward Street

1876-7, former Board school on the site of a ragged school of 1862, closed 1911 and adapted for industrial use, converted to flats in 1996-7

London Metropolitan University

1964-5 as wholesale showrooms and storage, adapted to educational use

Needoo Grill, 85 New Road

house of the 1790s, restaurant inserted

81 New Road

1887, formerly the Duke of Gloucester public house

Empire House

1934, clothing factory, converted to flats in 2017–18

H. Victor Kerr

124 Whitechapel Road

1860s shophouse, possibly for Zebedee Wilcox, ginger-beer maker

101 Greenfield Road

1963–5 garment workshops, on site of former 16-24 Fieldgate Street and 1-2 Greenfield Road

synagogue Davis brothers Lango House Walter For

24 Fordham Street

c.1987, flats

Altitude Point

2011-14, flats, offices and shops for Barratt Homes, on a site that included a workhouse, chapel/synagogue and the Jews' Infants' School

Flats 1 to 12, 63 Gower's Walk

2007-8 six-storey block of 12 'affordable housing' flats (site of goods depot), part of redevelopment of 52-58 Commercial Road

Chandlery House, 40 Gower's Walk

1894-5 wine warehouse with frontages to Gower's Walk and Back Church Lane, altered and floors added when converted to flats 1998-9

53 Gower's Walk

1994–5 Postmodern terraced house in red and stock brick, site of the entrance to the yards of T.M. Fairclough, hauliers

49 Gower's Walk

1994–5 Postmodern terraced house in red and stock brick

Premier Inn, 66 Alie Street

2012–15, six-storey hotel and flats

The Loom, 101 Back Church Lane

1889–90 former Browne & Eagle wool warehouse, converted to offices 1988–9, refurbished 2016–17

100-136 Cavell Street

1915–16, former clothing factory. built for S. Schneiders & Son, converted 1989–90 to form 19 mixed-use units

The Artful Dodger (formerly the Crown and Seven Stars)

1825–6, public house, altered 1881 and 1888, renamed 1985

66 Royal Mint Street

1890, warehouse, variously converted since the 1970s

Sapphire Court, 1 Ensign Street

c.1997-9, flats

Shapla Primary School

1985-7, primary school

Hooper Square, 31–83 Back Church Lane and 32–52 Hooper Street

main entrance to Hooper Square, flats built 1988–90, Darbourne & Darke, architects

115 New Road and the former New Road Synagogue

shophouse of 1851, refronted in the mid 1980s. The former New Road Synagogue of 1891–2 is to the rear.

Lewis Solomon Samuel Montagu

Whitechapel Market, Whitechapel Road

street market, with furnishings including the King Edward VII Memorial Drinking Fountain

46-54 John Fisher Street on the Royal Mint Estate

Built 1978-1982 as Royal Mint Square, a housing estate for the Greater London Council designed by Andrews, Downie & Kelly

Petticoat Lane Market

Street market since around 1760

Whitechapel High Street

78 Wentworth Street

1888–9, shophouse, home of the Salvation Army Slum Sisters until 1906

Travelodge London City

2018, hotel, replacing mid 1960s former car park, warehouse, market and workshop building, demolished 2016