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Zetland House

1963–4, warehouse on the site of the Jews' Orphan Asylum, built 1846

29-33 Osborn Street

1965 shop and office building, since 1984 headquarters of Sonali Bank (UK) Ltd

St Boniface German Church, 47 Adler Street

1959-60, Roman Catholic church

Shaheed Minar

Marytrs' monument, 1999, a smaller replica of Dhaka's Shaheed Minar

Petticoat Lane Market

Street market since around 1760

Altitude Point

2011-14, flats, offices and shops for Barratt Homes, on a site that included a workhouse, chapel/synagogue and the Jews' Infants' School

189 Whitechapel Road

1900 as a mission hall for the Hebrew Christian Testimony to Israel, William Alfred Pite, architect

101 Greenfield Road

1963–5 garment workshops, on site of former 16-24 Fieldgate Street and 1-2 Greenfield Road

Former Jagonari Women's Centre, 183-185 Whitechapel Road

1984-7, Women's Educational Resource Centre, Matrix Feminist Design Co-operative, architects

East London Mosque

Mosque, 1982-5

Presbytery, 47 Adler Street

1959-62, presbytery to German Roman Catholic church of St Boniface

Wynfrid House

1968-70, German hostel

171 Commercial Road

19th century two-storey narrow building with ground floor shop.

London Action Resource Centre, 62 Fieldgate Street

1866–7 mission hall and infants' school, converted for free-school and synagogue use in the 1920s, adapted as a resource centre in 2001–2

127-139 Commercial Road

1909-1912, originally incorporating the New King's Hall (later the Grand Palais Theatre and Yiddish Theatre)

Greater Whitechapel: Bernhard Baron House

Former Jewish burial ground

Business Development Centre, formerly Great Garden Street Synagogue and Morris Lederman House

Former foundry to rear converted to be a synagogue in 1896, front range Federation of Synagogues offices of 1972-4, all converted in 1999

Wombat's City Hostel, 7 Dock Street

1830-5 as the Sailors' Home facing Well (Ensign) Street, extended to Dock Street in 1863–5 (that side rebuilt 1954-7)

19 White Church Lane

1898-9 as a house, factory and office (with 9 Manningtree Street)

115 New Road and the former New Road Synagogue

shophouse of 1851, refronted in the mid 1980s. The former New Road Synagogue of 1891–2 is to the rear.

Shell Petrol Station, 139-149 Whitechapel Road

petrol station of 1953-4, rebuilt 1991

Central House

early 1980s offices, site of Jewish Working Men's Institute, built 1883, and Great Alie Street Synagogue built 1895, later Half Moon Theatre

Swanlea Secondary School

1991-3, secondary school, on the site of Brady Street Dwellings and Brady Street Mansions

23 New Road

1901, Jewish Day Nursery, Rowland Plumbe, architect

13-15 Greatorex Street with 80 Old Montague Street

1961-2, flats above community centre (Morris Kasler Hall, a kosher luncheon club, converted to business development centre in 1999)

63 Mansell Street

former Jews' Temporary Shelter, built 1929–30, Digby Lewis Solomon, architect, on site of a late 17th-century mansion

23 West Tenter Street

1929–30 as rear part of the Jews' Temporary Shelter, Digby Lewis Solomon, architect

Leman Locke

2014-16, apart-hotel, on the site of the German Mission Day School, 1861–3

East London Central Synagogue

Synagogue built to designs by Lewis Solomon and Son, 1922–3

64 Leman Street

1922–4, former Federation of Synagogues headquarters, site of a late 17th-century house lived in by the Goldsmid family of financiers

Maryam Centre, East London Mosque, Fieldgate Street

2009-13, women's prayer hall and community centre

London Muslim Centre

2003-4, centre comprising halls and classrooms, with offices in business wing

57 Mansell Street

baroque mansion house, begun 1719–20 for James Edmundson, completed 1741 for Isaac Dias Fernandes, restored 1986–8 by Trehearne & Norman

88 Whitechapel High Street

early 19th-century shop and office building, with entryway to Gunthorpe Street and decorative features from occupancy by Jewish Post 1935

30 Osborn Street

shophouse of c.1840 used as Tower Hamlets Savings Bank until 1892, converted to ritual bath, reinstated as flats over shop in 1949-50

32-38 Osborn Street

2018-19, flats and commercial units replacing a clothing factory of 1961-2, site of a sugarhouse of 1799

55 Mansell Street

Office block of 1989, designed by Trehearne & Norman Architects for Roy Properties, on the site of four late 17th-century Mansell St houses

191-193 Whitechapel Road

site of the entrance to the Pavilion Theatre, established in 1827, rebuilt in 1858 and 1894, and cleared in 1962

Symons House, 22 Alie Street

c.1800, warehouse-showroom for Baron Lyon De Symons, adapted as municipal offices c.1840, for the Workers' Circle c.1923, and as flats 1998

part of Calcutta House

1962 former tea warehouse, site of St Paul's German Reformed Church, later part of Calcutta House, London Metropolitan University

Tayyabs, 85-87 Fieldgate Street

1907 as a shophouse with synagogue to rear, now Tayyabs restaurant

St Paul's School

1869-70, primary school, on the site of the Danish–Norwegian Churh of 1694–6

Altab Ali Park, including the site of the parish church of St Mary Matfelon

Former churchyard with medieval origins, renamed in 1994

St George’s German Lutheran Church

1763, German Lutheran Church

Former Fieldgate Street Great Synagogue

1897–9, rebuilt in 1947–60, closed and converted for use by the East London Mosque in 2015–16

Camperdown House, 6 Braham Street

1982–3 offices/data centre, Trehearne & Norman, Preston & Partners, architects, site of Camperdown House (1912–13) and sugarhouse (1726)

St George's German and English School

Elementary school, built 1877–8, designed by E A Gruning, converted to flats