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Garrick Court

2006–7, ten houses over commercial space, designed by Davy Smith Architects, part on the site of Scarborough Street synagogue

1 King's Arms Court

2007-9, housing association flats


2005-7, Salvation Army Lifehouse, a women's hostel, replacing a predecessor of 1977-9 on this site and others on earlier sites nearby

hostel Salvation Army

Kirstein's Mansions

1911, shops, tenements and workrooms

street art David Abraham Solomon Kirstein

Spelman House

1939, London County Council block of 33 flats

21 Old Montague Street

1980-2, house, part of the Hopetown Estate, built by the GLC

Business Development Centre, formerly Great Garden Street Synagogue and Morris Lederman House

Former foundry to rear converted to be a synagogue in 1896, front range Federation of Synagogues offices of 1972-4, all converted in 1999

foundry synagogue Morris Lederman Federation of Synagogues

74 Whitechapel High Street

1828-9 shop house, now a restaurant, upper floors converted to studio flats 2001

90 Whitechapel High Street

1910-11 shop and offices, sometime site of Blooms restaurant, on site of entrance to Inkhorn Court

91 Whitechapel High Street

1861 shop, site of a 'penny gaff' in the 1850s, now a restaurant with flats over proposed

38 Middlesex Street

1880s shop and former warehouse

Brunswick House

1985 brown brick flats with shops to ground floor on site of 1880s 181-280 Brunswick Buildings

Herbert House

1935-6 courtyard of neo-Georgian flats built by the London County Council on site of LSB Old Castle Street board school

The Relay Building, 1 Commercial Street

2008 and 2012-14, 23-storey offices, flats, shops and entrance to Aldgate East station. Entrance to social housing in Tyne Street

Arcadia Court, formerly 90 to 222 Wentworth Dwellings

1886 block of flats with shops at 30 to 50 Wentworth Street and 36 to 48 Goulston Street to ground floor

Jacobson House

1935-6 neo-Georgian flats built by the London County Council

The Culpeper, 40-42 Commercial Street

1883 pub, the Princess Alice, reduced from 5 to 3 storeys after war damage. Later renamed City Darts. Since 2014 the Culpeper gastropub

Universal House

1892-3 as Wildermuth House, a model lodging house, east part rebuilt in 1965-6

Gustav Wildermuth

Attlee House

1971 red brick block of flats and offices, part of the Toynbee Hall estate, demolished for redevelopment autumn 2016

College East

1980s flats (dem. 2017) retained red-brick frontage of 1886 College Buildings (architect: Elijah Hoole), part of the Toynbee Hall estate

Sunley House

1976 brick-built flats on site of George Yard Buildings, later Balliol House/Charles Booth House. Demolished for Toynbee redevelopment 2016

101 Whitechapel High Street

1960 office building and former bank, on site of Tewkesbury Buildings

74 Whitechapel High Street rear

early 19th-century shop house, now a restaurant, upper floors converted to studio flats 2001

Arcadia Court, 45 Old Castle Street, and 4 (formerly 1a) Old Castle Street

1980s extension to Arcadia Court, with 4 (formerly 1a) Old Castle Street, on site of mid-20th-century single-story shop and restaurant

Kensington Apartments, 11 Commercial Street

2013 7- and 12-storey blocks of flats and shop, site of 1854-5 Baptist Chapel and former 21 Commercial St (before 1878 11 Commercial St)

3 Resolution Plaza

2013-14, Offices for EastEnd Homes, and entrance to Denning Point

New Evershed House and 28 to 42 Old Castle Street

2013-14, four-storey block of flats (New Evershed House), and eight maisonettes (28 to 42)

Bradbury Court, 24 Old Castle Street

2013-14, five-storey block of flats, part of the Holland estate refurbishment and redevelopment

Ladbroke Court, 4 Resolution Plaza

2013-14, flats with shops to ground floor

Don Gratton House, Alma Home, Greatorex Street Young People's Centre and Institute of Psychotrauma

2003-5, student housing with health-service facilities and a commercial unit

Victoria Court (Salvation Army Lifehouse), 177 Whitechapel Road

1995-6, Salvation Army hostel, rebuilding premises of the 1890s

'Salvation Army Bryant and May

Swanlea Secondary School

1991-3, secondary school, on the site of Brady Street Dwellings and Brady Street Mansions

Mosque Tower, 1 Fieldgate Street and 36 Whitechapel Road

c.2001 block of flats

102 Whitechapel Road

1852, house with cafe and warehouse, later a boarding house, now shop and flats

41 New Road

c.1795 house

33 New Road

c.1795 house

24 Fordham Street

c.1987, flats

Chandlery House, 40 Gower's Walk

1894-5 wine warehouse with frontages to Gower's Walk and Back Church Lane, altered and floors added when converted to flats 1998-9

49 Gower's Walk

1994–5 Postmodern terraced house in red and stock brick

117 Back Church Lane

1993-6 Postmodern terraced house in red and stock brick

Meranti House

2015–17, 19-storey block of flats

2 Varden Street

1980s three-storey terraced house.

Gwynne House

1937–8, Modernist block of flats designed by Hume Victor Kerr.

Unit 73a, 25 Cable Street

fifteen-arch brick structure, built to support girder ends of 1892–3 railway below goods depot sidings

39 Royal Mint Street

Built 1978-1982 with Royal Mint Square, a housing estate for the Greater London Council designed by Andrews, Downie & Kelly

Wombat's City Hostel (extension), 7 Dock Street

2015, residential

Wombat's City Hostel, 7 Dock Street

1830-5 as the Sailors' Home facing Well (Ensign) Street, extended to Dock Street in 1863–5 (that side rebuilt 1954-7)

Shapla Primary School

1985-7, primary school

21–31 Hooper Street

1988–90, stock-brick block of maisonettes, with separate entrances, part of the Hooper Square development

Sloane Apartments, 54 Old Castle Street

2013-13, block of flats with ground-floor shops to Wentworth Street frontage

Denning Point

1968 tower block of flats reclad, and ground floor street frontage altered, 2013-14

Treves House, Vallance Road

1959 block of flats

Greater Whitechapel: Bullen House

Hughes Mansions

1920s flats, partly destroyed by V2 1945, that portion rebuilt c late 1940s

Greater Whitechapel

46-54 John Fisher Street on the Royal Mint Estate

Built 1978-1982 as Royal Mint Square, a housing estate for the Greater London Council designed by Andrews, Downie & Kelly