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28 Nelson Street

28 Nelson Street | IsobelWatson

In 1904/1905 Abraham Davis (the second of the seven builder sons of Woolf Davis) was granted building leases of 28 Nelson Street and 95-…

The 7th builder brother

1 Fordham Street | IsobelWatson

David Davis was the builder at this corner site in Fordham Street/Settles Street. He was the one among the seven builder brothers Davis …

N & R Davis

26 East Tenter Street | IsobelWatson

Nathaniel and Raphael (Ralph) Davis were the youngest of the seven builder sons of Woolf Davis, and the only ones known to have had some…

117–119 New Road

117–119 New Road | IsobelWatson

Nos 117–123 (odd) New Road were a block of four commercial buildings put up in 1894 as an early project of N. & R. Davis, the younge…

Davis's Terrace and the Davis Brothers

52-56 Settles Street | IsobelWatson

Israel & Hyman Davis were two of the seven builder brothers Davis. Of the brothers, only these two ever used the trading name ‘Davis…

Builders and architect

Fieldgate Mansions | IsobelWatson

Fieldgate Mansions was nominally built by Davis Brothers, ie Israel and Hyman Davis; though Hyman died in 1902 part way through the cour…

Maurice Davis, builder and architect

25 Monthorpe Road | IsobelWatson

Maurice Davis (sometimes known as Moses Davis), the builder/architect of this entire block (begun in 1900) between Casson, Spelman and C…

11-13 New Road

11-13 New Road | IsobelWatson

11-13 New Road (along with 28 Nelson Street) is a rare example of a surviving building, put up in 1906 by Abraham Davis, second of the s…

A 'hospital' pub

Former Grave Maurice public house, 269 Whitechapel Road | IsobelWatson

My memory of this place was before it had become allowed to become dilapidated, and in fact was quite well-cared for, if still (by the 1…

6-16 Walden Street (south side)

16 Walden Street | IsobelWatson

A mid-1980s shot of part of the recently redeveloped site.

Former Nottingham Place

34-60 Parfett Street | IsobelWatson

This appears to have escaped redevelopment as it was found in better condition than the southern arm, originally the only part called Parfe…

Parfett Street south east side

18 Parfett Street | IsobelWatson

These buildings (photographed March 1992) appear to represent the sole occasion on which the London Hospital acted as developer on its own …

19-25 Varden Street (north side)

23 Varden Street | IsobelWatson

Taken in March 1992. This appears to be the same row of houses as in the earlier photograph, but the building at the end looks oddly differ…

19-25 Varden Street (north side)

23 Varden Street | IsobelWatson

Taken in the mid-1980s, with some differences from the picture from 1992.