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Back Church Lane c.1980

117 Back Church Lane | stephen

Great-great Grandparents lived at 120 [on the corner with Sander Street, opposite]. Demolished in the 1960s.

Gower's Walk, looking north, c.1980

Chandlery House, 40 Gower's Walk | stephen

Great-great grandparents lived in Wagner's Buildings [on the west side of Gower's Walk] in 1861 - census sheet is missing for part of this…

Buckle Street

Altitude Point | stephen

Old warehouse/factory on the south side of Buckle Street (at the end of the then-surviving stump of Plough Street), taken in 2007 before de…

Lambeth Street c.1980

1–54 Times Square, Hooper Street | stephen

Lambeth Street was totally demolished with the elevated railway goods yard and has now disappeared entirely.

Old German Mission Day School

Leman Locke | stephen

Taken in 2007 prior to demolition. By then it was a restaurant.

Buckle Street

30 and 30a Commercial Road | stephen

The rear of Victorian industrial premises in Commercial Road, seen from Buckle Street in 2007. My Great-Great Grandparents lived at 1 Buckl…